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iMetros is the innovator and the developer of Millennial Homes, which are  Zero Net Energy Homes, Green Homes, and IoT (“Internet of Things”) Smart Homes.  The homes are not just luxurious and modern, they are affordable as well. Using the available modern engineering technology, iMetros is able to reduce the duration and cost of development, therefore reducing the cost of ownership, while increasing value, security, and comfort of the homes. 

Millennial Homes are equipped with solar and are energy-producing homes, environmentally friendly and disaster resistant.  Millennial Homes already comply with California’s 2020 Zero Net Energy Homes guidelines.

Millennial Homes’ Structural technology is patented in 42 countries. They are earthquake and fire resistant.

Millennial Homes use radiant heating and cooling technology which eliminates forced air methods, providing much cleaner air inside the home.  Cleaner air may reduce allergies, asthma, and other health issues associated with breathing unclean air.

iMetros is working on technology and material to eliminate the usage of Drywalls as interior walls. 

All of our Millennial Homes are built using patented technology and highest-quality materials.  Compared to a traditional wood frame home, Millennial Homes are more affordable and quicker to build with comparatively little environmental waste and site debris.  Homeowners can expect higher resale values resulting from the health and safety benefits, flexibility, and lower maintenance costs

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Millennial Homes

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Millennial Homes development projects are planned for major California cities. Millennial Homes are a unique high-tech housing design throughout the United States starting from California. Millennial Homes are, Steel Frame, Fire & Earthquake Resistant, equipped with solar, produce their own energy, Zero Net Energy Homes.

Millennial Homes are also not vulnerable to moisture, mold or termite due to their steel structure. Radiant heating and cooling system, airtight foam insulation,  epoxy flooring, and triple pane windows add to better quality interior air and energy efficiency of the structural technology of Millennial Homes is patented in 42 countries, The steel framing technology coupled with its seismic engineering make Millennial Homes more Earthquake Resistant than the ordinary wood-framed homes. 

Millennial Homes are offered in 1200 sqft (with two bedrooms + two and one-half bathrooms + one-car garage) and 1500 sqft (with three bedrooms + two and one-half bathrooms + one-car garage).   Both models offer a two cars width driveway. 

standard features are Millennial Homes are:

Precisely calculated Solar panel energy according to their local energy usage calculation

All IoT (Internet of Things) Smart lighting fixtures and appliances 

Radiant heating and cooling systems, including dehumidifiers and clean energy efficient air systems

Epoxy flooring, with the designer color selection

Marble countertops and showers

Luxurious amenities

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Millennial Homes Advantages

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Millennial Homes Produce Their Own Energy

Millennial Homes are equipped with solar and are energy-producing homes, environmentally friendly and disaster resistant.  Millennial Homes already comply with California’s 2020 Zero Net Energy Homes guidelines …

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Disaster Resistant Homes

Millennial Homes are Fire Resistant and are engineered to maximum seismic requirements for residential structure in California offering earthquake resistant and more safety and security than ordinary wood-framed homes. Millennial Homes steel structures are eight times more fire resistant than wood-framed homes. Wood ignites at about 380-degrees Fahrenheit where steel melts (won’t ignite …

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IOT Smart Homes

Monitor & Control electronics and appliances from anywhere via the internet. No need to return home to check on the stove or turn a light switch. IoT stands for Internet of Things, meaning things that connect to the internet. Millennial Homes appliances and electronics …

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Structural Technology Patented in 42 Countries 

Millennial Homes are Steel-Framed. The structural technology and engineering of Millennial Homes offer significant benefits both in quality of the home, cost of maintenance,  its monetized value and potential return on investment …

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