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iMetros, offers the Millennial Homes, luxurious, modern, affordable homes, which are energy-producing, environmentally friendly and disaster resistant, and meet future California 2020 Zero Net Energy Homes guidelines. The Millennial Homes are future-ready, green and Iot smart homes. The Millennial homes use radiant heating and cooling systems and by eliminating the forced air heating and cooling methods, we eliminate interior air pollution, therefore drastically reducing the potential of allergies and other health issues caused by breathing unclean air. The Millennial Homes are steel framed homes with technology patented in 42 countries. They are Fire and Earthquake Resistant. iMetros has eliminated the usage of Drywalls as interior walls. Our walls could easily be relocated and reconfigured as the needs of the homeowner changes without a need for remodeling.  But most importantly, we have eliminated the health issues caused by Mold, Moisture, and Termites. 

Using our patented technology and highest quality materials and methods available today, we are able to finish construction of a luxury Millennial Home with all its benefits in a fraction of the time it takes to build a wood frame home, with almost no environmental waste and site debris.  We are using technology to make luxury homes safer and more affordable. 

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iMetros is launching its Millennial Homes project, a unique high-tech housing design throughout the United States starting from California. After successfully delivering future-ready Zero Net Energy Homes, compliant with highest engineering requirements in California, iMetros will expand to other metropolitan cities in the US and North America

We will be developing these single-family residences, known as The Millennial Homes that are 1200 sqft (with two bedrooms + two and one-half bathrooms + one-car garage, convertible to living space as per the local codes) with the third bedroom, and bathroom extension, which could be added at a later time (pending local approvals).

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Luxurious & Affordable Homes

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Count Down to ZNE “Zero Net Energy”

The majority of the changes to the standards will apply to single-family and low-rise multifamily buildings. California has set goals that all new residential buildings will be zero net energy (ZNE) by 2020 and new commercial buildings will be ZNE by 2030. In general terms, a ZNE building is one that produces as much energy (generally through onsite renewable energy) as it consumes.

Countdown To CA ZNE Mandate


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New Ventures