Our Mission Statement

Global offerings of The Millennial Homes, that are Zero Net Energy, Green, Environmentally Friendly, Disaster Resistant, IoT Smart, Affordable, with No Carbon Footprints and promoting the Health and Comfort of its inhabitants. 

Our Vision

iMetros is launching its unique high-tech housing designs, “The Millennial Homes”  throughout the United States starting from California. After successfully delivering future-ready zero net energy homes, compliant with highest engineering requirements in California, we will expand to other metropolitan cities in the US and North America.

We will be developing single-family residences that range from 1200 sqft (with two bedrooms + two and one-half bathrooms + one-car garage, convertible to living space as per the local codes) also known as The Millennial Homes, to homes with three bedrooms, three and one-half bathrooms. The third bedroom and bathroom expansion could be added to a standard two bedroom home due to the technology used in steel framing. 

These residences are pre-designed with the help of top architects, interior designers, and structural engineers. These single-family residences model will offer:

  • Zero Net Energy Homes for single families
  • Steel frames to make fire-resistant homes
  • Self energy-producing homes
  • Luxurious and affordable homes
  • Maximum space usage

Joining Hands with New Ventures

Californian wildfires and environmental tragedies alike have already indicated that we can’t afford to frame our homes with lumber. Getting the home succumbed to the flames during a fire is a nightmare. It also threatens the safety of families and children.

Our planet is short of trees to build wood-based homes. These are very basic things that have been overlooked, perhaps for profit, by many for too long.

The major purpose of home framing is to offer support to the building and safety to those living in it. We, at iMetros, understand these needs very well, and thus, delivering modern, safe, High-tech, steel frame uniquely designed and engineered green homes:

  • Fast development of housing projects
  • Minimize waste during construction
  • Environment-friendly construction
  • Fire- and earthquake-resistant homes
  • Energy-producing and self-sufficient homes
  • Comfortable, safe, affordable, luxurious and energy-efficient homes

iMetros has joined hands with various real estate industry leaders, engineers, architects and interior designers to provide secure, luxurious, and energy-efficient homes at affordable prices.

We not only possess expertise in the Californian real estate sector, but we also hold immense knowledge of the global market that helps us meet the future generations’ housing needs.

The advancement achieved by us in our construction methods ensure that the project only takes a few weeks of onsite building installation once the foundation is laid down. We use the latest engineering tools and technologies to set new standards in the field of housing development.