California Solar Energy Mandate

California Solar Energy Mandate

Count Down to California 2020 Energy Mandate

ZNE “Zero Net Energy

Solar Panels on New Homes… is the LAW

By 1/1/2020, new single-family and low-rise multifamily homes in California must comply with “Zero Net Energy Homes” (ZNE) requirements.  These standard require that such buildings produce as much energy (generally through onsite renewable energy) as they consume.  Millennial Homes already comply with these stringent requirements.

GoSolarSF, Go Solar Sf and GoSolarCA , Go Solar CA are california and San Francisco’s solar incentive programs to encourage renewable energy and solar installations in California. GOSolarSF, Go Solar SF also offers special credits for low income (under $97,800 annual income) homeowners. 

CA residence, especially San Francisco homeowners could immensely benefit from GoSolarSF, Go Solar Sf and Go Solar CA solar incentive programs. 




How Does Solar Work?


PG&E Rates Since 2008


PG&E Time of Use Billing Schedule 

PG&E among other California utility companies will be switching to Time Of USe Billing for electricity instead of the tier programs, which they currently utilize for billing.


PG&E Time of Use Billing Schedule 


Why Go Solar?



Eliminate your Electric Bill



Using Federal Rebates & Local Incentives to Invest in Renewable Energy



City of San Francisco’s Solar Incentives & Rebates