Investment Opportunities



iMetros is seeking land that can be divided into smaller residential lots of 5,000 sqft size, for housing development. Real estate brokers and agents with such favorable listings in a metropolitan areas, are invited to contact us.

Landowners who wish to explore new possibilities are invited to explore the possibilities of both sale or joint venture development of their property with iMetros.

Joint ventures

Investors and landlords who want to-

  • Get involved in a joint venture for the development of a property?


  • Wish to invest in real-estate industry?

Discuss the most profitable possibilities with iMetros. We own an established model and have guidelines that each of our projects should meet before being considered.

Our Previous projects

iMetros invested in San Diego area that is a highly-competitive and one of the fastest-rising market. In just one year, we gained a high double digits returns.

Our Las Vegas luxury strip condo investments had a high double digits gain.