IoT Smart Homes



Millennial Homes are  IoT Smart Homes! (IoT = Internet of Things)

The Internet of Things is essentially a network of rt devices (such as appliances, phones, computers, personal electronics and more) that have internet connectivity built into them, allowing them to send and receive data autonomously. The “things” or connectivity-enabled devices in the IoT all have unique identifiers that allow them to transmit data and communicate with one another without human input. Millennial Homes use the latest technologies including IoT Smart devices (appliances, door locks, security cameras, etc..) in its modern luxury Zero Net Energy Homes.

Today, IoT extends far beyond computers and mobile phones, and includes a wide array of devices, appliances, and machinery with built-in internet connectivity and data sharing functions, increasing their usage and functionality.

The IoT and its vast potential for improving the efficacy and efficiency of the objects we interact with every day. However, very few have been used in the typical construction of single-family homes. Millennial Homes use a number of internet-enabled devices currently being manufactured to enable the remote control of the homes via cell phones.



study published by Gartner, an international research firm, estimates that, by 2020, there will be roughly 20.8 billion internet-enabled devices that store, analyze and transmit data to us and one another. In 2016, almost 5.5 million things will be added to the IoT every single day. Many of these objects will be household items that you interact with on a daily basis and many of them are things that you may not even know are already internet-connected and already exist in the IoT. At iMetros, we keep an eye on the technology to ensure our Millennial Homes offer the latest comfort, luxury, and security to its occupants. Millennial Homes are IoT Smart Homes.

Millennial Homes,  Iot Smart, Zero Net Energy Homes include:

Light Bulbs — Phillips Hue LED Light Bulbs to have a “bridge” that allows smartphone or tablet to LED light bulbs. Users can program their lighting according to their preferences remotely and can fine tune it with remarkable precision.

Whether it’s dimming the lights at certain times of the day or automatically coordinating the lighting in the room while watching TV.

Refrigerators —  Smart refrigerator, the next iteration in food storage technology that is poised to drastically improve the efficiency and ease of food storage.

The smart fridge automatically keeps track of food stocks and expiration dates by scanning barcodes and sending the data to an app on the user’s phone, letting he or she to know exactly what is in the fridge and when it is set to expire. Often, It could be programmed to independently determine whenever a particular foodstuff needs to be restocked.

Washing Machines — Providing an unprecedented level of control over washing. With a built-in Wi-Fi and software that transmits data to downloadable apps on the user’s phone.

The apps allow users to remotely control washing cycles, receive finishing alerts, and track water and energy usage to plan washing cycles more efficiently. IoT-enabled machines even have integrated troubleshooting solutions that instantly inform users of any issues that the machine may be experiencing.

Security Systems —  Millennial Homes, offer optional IoT Smart security systems and integrated internet capabilities allowing users to have direct control over their home security on their smartphone or tablet device.

Heating and Air Conditioners — Millennial Homes are equipped with radiant Heating and Colling system with integrated internet solutions that connect to home’s router and allow users remote control over systems via smartphones or tablet devices. Users can develop tailor-made, totally automatic settings based on personal schedules, temperature preferences, and budgeting concerns.



Cooking Appliances — Internet compatible. IoT Smart cooking appliances connect to a home’s router and can be managed remotely from a user’s smartphone, allowing to adjust heat settings, monitor cooking status, and turn appliances on and off remotely. Imagine having kids at home and being able to control your cooktop! This is not only a money saving and convenient feature but also added security for homeowners with children.

iMetros is at forefront of providing the next generation futuristic Millennial Homes, Zero Net Energy, IoT Smart Homes that use the latest technology, modern and luxurious designs for the most comfortable, healthier and green lifestyle at substantial savings compared to ordinary wood-framed homes.