Luxurious & Affordable Homes



iMetros is striving in modern design of Zero Net Energy single-family energy efficient luxury homes that are uniquely becoming the housing standard of near future. These solar luxury affordable homes are a great real estate investment for a variety of reasons. Buyers can enjoy more than just luxurious living. They can also enjoy energy producing homes. iMetros is dedicated to going above and beyond the call of duty to bring customers steel frame homes that give new meaning to the world beautiful. The stellar designs and engineering of iMetros’ luxury Zero Net Energy Homes are nothing short of dazzling. However, they are more than just good looking. These green homes are designed with detailed precision, all steel frames and beams are laser cut to exact measurements before reaching the construction site and after building the foundation it only takes a few days to construct these luxurious and spacious homes.

Environmentally Friendly Zero Net Energy Homes

Environmental waste is minimalized during and after the construction process. Those who care about reducing the size of their carbon footprint should seriously consider relying on iMetros’ designed Zero Net Energy Homes. These luxurious, energy producing homes are a good investment for a number of different reasons. `They are affordable, luxurious, and environmentally friendly.

Perks and Benefits of Purchasing Quality Luxury Homes

Maximum use of land without reducing privacy, our homes are designed for maximum use of land in urban areas. The steel frame structures allow creation of larger windows, taller ceilings and more open space throughout, which usually require costly material and engineering to replicate in a wood frame home. Therefore while we are able to offer modern luxury homes that are well suited for both comfortable and safe living in addition to having open, bright and modern areas for entertainment. Our homes are also engineered to have the highest earthquake resistance codes in addition to their higher heat and fire resistance.

The insulation of our Zero Net Energy Homes are far more precise and air tied than any wood frame structure where the framing is done on site. All structural materials are laser cut to exact measurements before arriving on site, there is no nail used in our frames, and the insulation fits perfectly in a predesigned precisely build structure. By such engineering perfection in design we are able to offer a rapid construction period of our Luxury Zero Net Energy Homes at much lower cost than a wood framed home.

Minimize Your Carbon Footprint

iMetros has designed luxury homes that save buyers money while minimizing carbon footprints. Our plan to develop these homes in California will follow by offering the same in North America before our global offerings.

We welcome partnership with land owners in our development and offer investment opportunities in our projects. We welcome the Real Estate professionals to learn more about our Zero Net Energy Homes and partnership programs with land owners who may consider a development partnership. Feel free to contact us for more detailed information.