What Makes Zero Net Energy Homes Increasingly Popular These Days?



Simple and revolutionary, Zero Net Energy Homes are making waves across America. The merits of building such highly engineered stature and the living quality that such homes impart are incomparable. In regard to this The American Association of Architects wants the Zero Net Energy Homes to be available to the mainstream public.

What really is a Zero Net Energy Homes?

The main attribute that makes such homes different from the conventional homes is the ability to produce as much energy as they consume over the course of year. This makes the total energy consumed to be zero in layman’s terms. Brimming an advanced design and superior building system, Zero Net Energy Homes are certainly an ultra-comfortable abode for a healthy and budget-friendly lifestyle.

Why choose Zero Net Energy Homes over the usual homes?

It’s interesting to know how Zero Net Energy Homes have been built in almost every province in Canada, with each successful project steadily rooting to improve the technology available.

Homes built today without energy-efficient designs will be obsolete within the decade”, says Phil Kaplan, founder of Kaplan Thompson Architects. The growing demand for energy-efficient homes have led to a new era of well-engineered architecture and that’s the reason why people are converting to sustainable abode.

Let’s dig into the reason behind the surging demands for Zero Net Energy Homes:

  1. Gearing up for a healthy living

Breathe cleaner air, let the sunshine in, enjoy the peaceful environ and adjustable temperature, making it a perfect living space with your family and friends.

  1. Energy bills

With a thoughtful design, there is a very minimal monthly fee and maintenance.

  1. Minimalizing ecological footprint:

With the help of such eco-conscious concept, the green gas emissions are drastically decreased and thence, the resources are well preserved.

  1. Higher resale value

As the popularity of such houses increase so does the market value.

  1. Easy On Pocket:

Being a long-term investment and comes with the greatest advantage of affordability.

  1. Comfortable living facility:

The exceptional heating, cooling, and insulation system makes this new generation homes quiet, easy and a pleasant living space.

  1. Climate-friendly

Today, global climate is the most pressing issues, with 40% total energy used in the USA is by buildings alone. With a Zero Net Energy Homes, you get the control of your home’s energy as they are tailor-made to combat the climate and temperature of the region where you live.

There are more to the list, and hence, Zero Net Energy Homes pave a way for a better future for our world, be its strategic design, sustainability or the cutting-edge technology.

Achieving Zero Net Energy Homes:

As said earlier, Zero Net Energy Homes are undoubtedly a long-term investment considering its modular design and sustainability. To get in the path of achieving Zero Net Energy Homes, items such fire and earth quack as geothermal heating and cooling systems, solar panels, super insulation, high-efficiency windows, and heat recovery ventilators are required to be instilled.

Using such efficient equipment combined with super insulation can help the homes or building consume less energy or in a way achieve “Zero Net Energy usage of energy”.

In regard to the growing demand of such high tech luxurious yet affordable homes, the chief executive officer of iMetros Mr. Abraham Valentino wants to perfect a design where a house could be assembled on a foundation in few weeks with a same standard anywhere in the world, be it Cairo, Seattle or Sydney.

iMetros aim to provide fire as well as earthquake-resistant homes to people and thrive to deliver a service that meets the future California 2020 Zero Net Energy Homes guidelines. Understanding the need of establishing an eco-friendly environment, they swear by following:

  • Providing energy-producing homes

  • Minimize waste during construction

  • Fire and Earthquake resistant homes

  • Providing home framing and secure homes

Their upcoming projects include the development of 6 to 10 homes with an area of 1200 sqft, developing single-family residences that range from 400 sqft with 1 bedroom, 1 car garage convertible to living space as per the requirements, their involvement in San Diego real estate market and more in the pipeline.

Other than that, the founder Mr. Valentino is also passionate about fashion, a successful Blockchain entrepreneur and is currently working on asset backed cryptocurrency, named Nummus and sportswear line, which is scheduled to be launched in 2018.