Investment Opportunities for Millennial Homes


Investment Opportunities For Millennial Homes


Business Overview

Millennial Homes project investment opportunities:

iMetros Corporation, a Delaware corporation the "Company") was established in 2012 as an S corporation with initial emphasis on Real Estate investments and development in San Diego and Las Vegas Markets. With an expectation of rapid expansion, the Company is soliciting financial backing for the development of newly designed the single-family homes, called Millennial Homes.

 Investment Offerings Informative Video:

Investment Opportunities Offerings Video (3:06)

Products / Services Offered

Millennial Homes

  • Steel Framed, IoT Smart, Zero Net Energy, complying with California 2020 energy guidelines Single Family Residences.
  • Starting from 1200 square feet, 2 Bedrooms, 2 1/2 Bathrooms and 1 car Garage with an expansion option of the third bedroom and its Bathroom.
  • Earthquake and fire resistant due to steel frames, exterior and roof materials.
  • The structural technology is patented in 42 countries. The framing, installation of windows, insulation and exterior siding of these homes is completed within approximately 2 weeks period.
  • We are anticipating the elimination of drywall and standardizing interior packages and their installations so that we could ultimately offer these homes on a global basis.


Success Factors

iMetros Corporation is uniquely qualified to succeed due to the following reasons:

  • Products and Services: Our Products and Services are superior to our competitors due to the following factors: Energy efficient, IoT Smart, environmentally friendly, modern design, large windows and open living spaces and standardized building aimed at minimizing the need for local sub-contractors by off-site construction, where we can control development cost.


  • Location: Our home locations Initial developments of Millennial Homes will in urban or close to metropolitan cities in California, which are in high demand for housing


  • Intellectual Property (IP): We have Intellectual Property that gives us an advantage over our competitors. Our IP includes The steel structure technology, which is patented in 42 countries at the time of this business plan. And Other architectural and design elements that are incorporated in the final product.


  • Customers: We are already marketing to key customers and industry professionals. These customers include: first time home buyers, single persons with higher income, those who work closer to a metropolitan city and also require safe parking and mortgage tax benefits, new and smaller sized families, hi-tech sector who enjoys modernism, current condo owners who do not wish to pay HOA fees and perhaps need more space and parking.

Complete Business Plan IS available to qualified investors. Please send your inquiries to