Solar System For Homes In California



Solar System For Homes in California

Solar System For Homes in California is no longer an option as California 2020 Zero Net Energy Mandate nears.  On Jan 1, 2020 All new home constructed must be solar powered and generate their own clean energy. Solar System For Homes In California offer numerous benefits for the homeowners including:

Ongoing cash flow benefits by reduction or elimination of electric bill

Initial tax benefits

Initial city and county cash rebates

Increased property values

cleaner environment

For some, it is purely economics, Solar System For Homes In California have become affordable, In fact most pay for themselves in less than 7 years not considering the tax and other incentives. Some cities like San Francisco offer additional cash incentives, homeowners could install a sufficient solar system that could wipe out their electric bills for the next 30 years with almost no cost to them. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s explore the statistics for Solar system for  for homes in California:

  • Government has a 30% tax incentive program, meaning almost 1/3 of the cost of Solar system for homes are rebated in a form of tax refund to the homeowners
  • Some counties such as San Francisco offer additional incentives such as:

Single Family Affordable Solar Housing (SASH)

Solar Water Heating Incentives

Low-income homeowners may qualify for higher incentives. The incentive program is managed by PG&E for installations in San Francisco.

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  • Typical Solar System For Homes in San Francisco pay for themselves in less than seven (7) years even if the homeowner does not qualify for all possible credits and incentives.
  • PG&E and Edison Power keep raising rates on an average of 7% to 14% annually. Now imagine, applying this rate of increase for the next 10 years, coupled with increasing demand for power due to all new electronics, an electric bill for an average home in California could easily be in high 3 digits monthly.
  • Home valuations. As California 2020 Zero Net Energy Mandate requires all new homes to be solar powered, the older homes become or will seem to be too outdated if they are not using a solar system for home, or their appliances are not smart appliances, unlike newer homes. This could adversely affect the older home prices.

In short, for those who install Solar Systems in their homes, thank you for trying to make a air for our children, and be proud when you look at your children that you are doing your part to create a healthier environment for them and their kids.


At iMetros corporation, we understand the need for a cleaner environment, safer homes, cleaner healthier living habitats. That’s is the reason for innovation of Millennial Homes. Millennial Homes are Zero Net Energy Homes, powered by Solar System for Homes that make them power efficient. Their steel frame structure is fire and earthquake resistant and their spray foam insulation is airtight making the homes far more energy efficient than a wood framed home.


Courtesy of Abraham Valentino. Abraham Valentino, Founder, and CEO of iMetros and is the innovator and designer of Millennial Homes. Millennial Homes Projects are to start in 2018 in major California Cities. As an effort to encourage Solar System for Homes in California, Mr. Valentino is available for free and private consultation for those who are considering Solar Systems for Homes in California.