Steel Framed & Earthquake Resistant Homes



Steel Framed Millennial Homes  vs Wood Frame Homes

Consider the comparisons:

Wood Frame Vs Steel Frame
  • Used in the construction industry for centuries
  • Affected by termite
  • Affected by moisture rot
  • Flammable
  • Newer to the construction industry
  • More solid than wood
  • Best for Durability
  • Better strength-to-weight ratio than wood


There are many options when it comes to construction materials, but framing typically boils down to one of two choices: wood or steel. While wood has been the traditional choice, steel offers additional benefits in today’s construction industry.

Steel Framing can decrease the cost of construction and speed its timeline while offering long-term savings by lowering maintenance and adding durability.



Less Construction Time Means More Affordable Housing

Time is money, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to labor costs, interest and carrying the cost of construction, which all add to the price of a home. A wood-framed building requires skilled laborers who must spend time cutting lumber to size, framing, and drilling holes for wiring among other things.

 We utilize a technology and design that laser cuts all framing material to exact dimensions and sizes before arriving onsite. There is no cutting, drilling or measuring onsite. In fact, the reliance on skilled trade is minimized as all pre-measured and design parts are numbered and assembled onsite in matters of days, therefore, completing the structure in a matter of days rather than months.

Steel studs weigh one-third less than wood studs, making them easier to handle. Also, they can be installed at 24-inches on center. An additional time saver: there is no problem with creating square corners and straight walls. These savings (labor, material, shipping cost, etc.) are pasted to our home buyers!

Design Flexibility

higher-ceilings, more open and brighter rooms, larger windows, pre-designed holes in framing material electrical and air vents are just a few items in our well-engineered homes.

Another advantage of steel is prefabricated members and panels make it easier than ever when you’re ready to add-on to your home. In most cases, you can easily add a complete and finished wing or expansion in a matter of days or weeks.

Structural Strength And Integrity

Wood is susceptible to pests, like termites and other burrowing insects. Wood absorbs moisture, expanding and contracting as the wood soaks up water and dries out. Eventually, drywall and other attached coverings can crack and warp with the wood.

Also, wood can’t withstand the effects of violent seismic movement or other major climatic events. A little lighter fluid and a match are all it takes to burn a long-standing home, barn, or commercial building.

Another problem with wood is consistency. Different types of wood and wood from different regions can vary remarkably in quality and consistency.

At the end of construction, wood typically leaves a load of scrap and waste; 20%. This not only adds to the material cost but also site cleaning and hauling costs will increase.

iMetros’ Millennial Homes are fire and earthquake resistance, the framing and all other structural panels and parts are precisely engineered, cut with laser perfection and then shipped and assembled on site and are free of all the problematic issues that a wood frame home has.

All of our design are engineered to comply with highest residential structure seismic codes on the west coast.

Lifetime Maintenance Requirements

A traditional wood-framed home requires a new coat of paint at least every four to seven years, The average roof lasts for about 15 years, wood also has a tendency to crack, warp, split, mold, and rot.

Our Steel-framed, Millennial Homes free of all such maintenance requirements and roofs are engineered to last 40 to 50 years. There is no splitting, warping, molding, mildewing, or cracking, so lifetime maintenance and upkeep costs of our steel-framed luxury homes are minimal.

Millenial Homes are lighter weight frame that does not weigh as heavily on the foundation. Fewer cracks, fewer repairs.

Homeowners save on their insurance bills since our Steel Framed homes are so durable and resistant to fire and other destructive actions, which could result in substantial discounts on risk insurance.

Partnership & Investment opportunities

We invite landowner who wishes to develop or sell their properties to explore our partnership program. We are interested in the land which could be subdivided into approximately 5,000 sqft lots and close to a metropolitan area.

We also welcome Real Estate Professionals and Investors to explore our Millennial Homes business model for possible partnership and investments on a project basis.