Zero Net Energy Homes



Millennial Homes are Zero Net Energy Homes

Imagine living in a home featuring all luxurious amenities while chipping away your carbon footprints? Well, the powerful concept of zero net energy homes turns your imagination into a reality with iMetros’ Millennial Homes.

Featuring ultra-energy-efficient envelops with meticulous insulation and air sealing; zero net energy homes build rigorous international standards for green housing.

Here’re the reasons why you should think about buying the home of the future, today.


It’s a Solution to Climate Change

As California witnesses record-breaking wildfire, we’ve reminded our contribution towards worsening extreme weather patterns. Scientists blame global warming, which is further attributed to carbon emission, for these intense fires. And, buildings are responsible for over 30 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emission.

Millennial Homes are zero-net-energy-homes and use design, building techniques, and technologies that result in Zero Net Energy carbon emission. That means your home will not contribute to adverse climate changes.



Breathe Cleaner and Fresher Air Indoor

Zero Net Energy Homes buildings have airtight walls that seal off outside air and minimize the use of energy for cooling and heating. Advanced ventilation system prevents outside air from seeping inside the house. As a result, you’ll breathe in only fresh, filtered air – free of pollutants and allergens. Non-toxic finishes, surfaces, and material keep your family healthy.

More Sunshine In

More natural daylight means healthy lifestyle, better work environment, and proper sleep. Zero energy homes achieve these benefits by utilizing their passive solar design principles. These buildings leverage the natural sunlight to the fullest and fill your home with pure, clear and natural sunshine.

Live Anywhere

From the hottest American state, Arizona to the coldest lands of Alaska, these energy efficient homes can be built anywhere. Depending on your location, zero energy homes are constructed to match the climate of your region’s to allow you total comfort, wherever you inhabit.

Quick and Accurate Cooking

One crucial kitchenware of zero net energy homes is energy-efficient induction stove top that replaces polluting gas ranges.

Induction cooktops cook food faster! It boils water as fast as lighting and takes only a few minutes to make perfect meals. Moreover, you can manage heat precisely using temperature control settings.

Luxurious Lifestyle

The beauty and integrity of your house are never compromised to make it energy-efficient. From kitchen to living room and master suits to bathrooms, you can have luxurious details and finishes added to every corner of your zero net energy home .

We can incorporate aesthetic elements like unprecedented millwork, crown molding, unique mantle designs and anything you prefer for a lavish feel inside your zero net energy home.

Safe Living

iMetros’ zero energy Millennial Homes feature steel frame structures that make the building resistant to earthquake loads. Likewise, the steel frame structure assures that your house will not feed a fire because steel is a non-combustible and fire resistant material.

Feel good to know that Zero Net Energy Homes leads your family and the world to a better future. These exceptionally comfortable, energy-efficient and beautiful homes make your living pleasant year around. In addition to comfort and safety features, iMetros’ Zero Net Energy Home developments are most likely retain their values and appreciate higher in the same market conditions as those wood-framed homes that are not energy efficient due to both modern technology and upcoming statewide requirements and building codes specially in California, which requires Zero Net Energy Homes by year 2020.

Countdown To CA  2020 Energy Mandate


iMetros corporation is combining the best of available technology and smart building engineering to create a speedy construction period without relying on local expertise, to enable placing these modern homes anywhere in the world with the same quality and finishes. We are currently focused on developing zero Net Energy Homes in California and plan to expand to North America before taking this project globally.

We invite investors and landowners who wish to partner with us to learn more about Zero Net Energy Homes, investment opportunities, and our upcoming project plans. Feel free to contact , visit to discuss your local and/or global opportunities with our products.